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Swap Face Lite - Face lift

Give your photos a face lift and watch the gif animation function swap the faces in your photos live ! Swap Face is a very popular app that allows you to swap 2 faces between two people in a photo.

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Cool Wallpaper

Enriched with a lexicon of new, fresh, enticing and cool wallpapers for the android devices which helps you get a lot of cool wallpapers.

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Astro File Catch All Keeper

This is the best app for keeping business cards and other documents in your mobile. Great graphic, well organized and it is super easy to use!

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Words With Meaning

Word search game with a twist !!!
Guess what word the definition is describing then find the word in the crossword puzzle before time runs out.

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I'm Away

Introducing I’M AWAY is the messenger app that allows you to post I'm Away messages to your Facebook account without logging in to do so

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Spin Dottor - Tap Me

How to play :
Score points when you tap on the dots with the numbers If your finger touches the spinning stick game over

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Chill Out Button!

Note*** For a limited only***
The Chill out button voice sound app is fun to use when someone does or say something foolish or is acting too hyper

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Frames R Us

*Frames R Us and Frames R U*
Have fun with your photos! Frames R Us guides you through a very simple step-by-step process to

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Dog Phrases

Express yourself using these dog catch phrases gif stickers when you are chatting with with family and friends and have more fun with your daily conversations!!

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Reppin Tha Meme - Go Creator

Introducing REPPIN THA MEME ! Add a background image , pic captions or awkward family photos and share with the whole world !!!

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Flip Can

Try to flip the can from one table to another and avoid it falling to the floor. If the can misses the top of the table then the game is over. You receive a point every time the can lands on a table.

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What's on

What's on ? Tells you what show is playing on tv at the present time from certain cable channels. For example : when you say "Alexa ask whats on CNN ?"

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Note me

Note me allows you to save short notes and recall them whenever you ask Alexa to play the notes or messages back to you. You can save up to 5 messages or notes. You can also delete them by saying delete.

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Word Connect

Word Connect"is a Alexa skill game you can play on your Amazon Echo device !!! Have fun connecting compound words together!! Click the link to enable it today !!!

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